When I was a little girl in Germany, my grandmother, whom I affectionately called Oma, had a mirabelle tree that bore the most beautifully sweet mirabelle plums. The yellow of their skin against the green leaves of the trees and the blue of the summer sky is one of my strongest childhood memories.  To this day, it is my absolute favorite color, reminding me of endless summer days, carefree living and simple beauty.


Growing up in Europe, long family trips to neighboring countries became a huge influence, along with my parents’ love of Scandinavian design and entertaining.

I made my way to the United States in the 1990s – where I made a home for myself in New York City. I studied Graphic Design and worked as a Designer and Art Director for many years. I loved the fast pace of life in the city with its diverse ethnicity, cultural offerings and culinary experiences.

It was here that I met and married an amazing young photographer named Gianni Lopergolo.

Looking for calmer waters in which to raise our family, Gianni and I relocated to Rhode Island. I continued my design career while raising our three amazing – and active! – sons, Matteo and the twins, Marco and Massimo.  A few short years after the twins were born, our world was shattered when Gianni was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 37. Losing the love of my life created an unimaginable void, but brought me closer to our children, our family and our friends. It also reminded me of something I’d always understood, even before I knew him – the importance of finding beauty and simplicity in everyday things.

All of this has brought me full circle back to Mirabelle. My goal is to help and inspire you, too, to find and embrace the beauty and simplicity in each and every day.

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