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Zavelstein, Germany

Yesterday we had lunch at the Wanderheim in Zavelstein and afterwards we visited the castle ruins. Zavelstein is a small town in Baden-WürttembergGermany – it is situated in the northeastern Black Forest. The town is also famous for being a health resort with mineral springs and was once the summer residency of the Duke of Württemberg.

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Matteo is eating Gaisburger Marsch (recipe link at the end of post)

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Zavelstein is a great place to visit in the summer for hiking, but also famous for a spectacle that happens every spring: each year thousands of wild-growing crocuses flower over an area of more than 50 hectares from the beginning to the end of March. According to legend, a lord of the castle who loved flowers is said to have planted the crocuses in days of old, whereupon they spread further and further in the course of time.

Gaisburger Marsch recipe

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